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Ankara Üniversitesi Gelisimşel Pediatri Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you with warm greetings to the 1st International Developmental Pediatrics (IDP) Congress and the 2nd National Developmental Pediatrics Congress that will take place on 2-5th December 2015, at the Sabanci Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

In many countries around the world, millions of children with developmental risks, difficulties and disabilities are unable to develop to their full potential unlike their peers growing up in more advantaged environments. The IDP Congress aims to play a role in addressing this inequity by creating an “international transdisciplinary home” for clinicians, researchers, advocates and policy makers in the field of developmental pediatrics and other disciplines related to child development and disability. The IDP Congress will be held every two years commemorating the  International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3rd, in a low or middle-income country; the 2017 Congress will be in Mumbai.

The 1st IDP Congress is organized by the Developmental Pediatrics Association (Gelişimsel Pediatri Derneği), and Ankara University, and is hosted and supported by Sabanci Vakfi. UNICEF-CEECIS (Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States) Regional Office, UNICEF-Turkey, Autism Speaks, Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvL), International Children's Center (ICC), Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Turkish Ministry of Health, and numerous non-governmental organizations are supporting the Congress.

The theme for the 1st IDP Congress is “ADD-ECD: Addressing Disability and Difficulties in Early Childhood Development.” We will be hosting presentations, panel discussions, workshops, courses and research presentations from a multitude of countries. The launch of the first internationally developed method to monitor child development, the “International Guide for Monitoring Child Development (GMCD)” will take place during the Congress with GMCD courses provided in English, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The Congress will host presentations on other seminal innovative models that are pertinent to ADD-ECD in low and middle-income countries.

The IDP Congress aims at exchanging and discussing scientific information, evidence-based practices, policies as well as sharing experiences, visions, passions and dreams of professionals from pediatrics and a multitude of other disciplines including audiology, child development and education, early intervention, family medicine, occupational therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, psychiatry, psychology, public health, special education, speech and language therapy, social work, other specialists and families.

The main language of the Congress is English, simultaneous translations will be provided in Turkish and Russian to address the specific needs of countries in our UNICEF-CEECIS Region.

We look forward to meeting you in Istanbul.

Ilgi Ertem
Congress Chair